sábado, 25 de octubre de 2014

Bronze Age pottery found on Isle of Lewis

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have discovered Bronze Age pottery during a dig at a site on the Isle of Lewis.


More than 100 fragments of pottery thought to date from around 2000 BC were found during recent work at Point Braighe, just outside Stornoway.

Scottish Water was installing a new water main and had called in archaeologists from Fife-based company Archas Limited to monitor excavations because the area was identified as one likely to produce archaeological remains or deposits.

A saddle quern, normally used for grinding wheat, was the first discovery, with many more artefacts soon unearthed.

Lead archaeologist Alastair Rees believes the large quantities of pottery as well as evidence of burning, quartz and stone tools and a lack of domestic waste such as animal bone or shellfish remains might suggest that the area served as a type of processing site, although it is not clear what was being produced. [...] scotsman.com

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