jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Disappearing lakes stoke megafauna debate

Diprotodon, photo credit: Gilbert Price

New research into central Australia’s ancient lakes has found evidence that climate change contributed to the extinction of the continent’s megafauna.

Dr Joshua Larsen from The University of Queensland’s School of Geography Planning and Environmental Management, said water resources I Australia were changing significantly about 48,000 years ago when humans arrived and megafauna became extinct.

“Our findings are the first clear evidence to directly support the idea that climate played a role in the last megafauna extinction, and that it was not solely attributable to humans,” he said.

“This is critical information for understanding how our own impact on the environment interacts with natural changes, so that we can improve environmental management strategies.” [...] uq.edu.au via phys.org

It is published in Geology and highlighted Nature.

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