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viernes, 2 de enero de 2015

First results of geoarchaeological investigations at Cueva de Ardales, Southern Spain


The Ardales Cave is known for its rich record of Palaeolithic
cave art. Although bones including a human Mandibula and
artefacts were found in the cave, it has never systematically
been tested, whether the cave deposits themselves may represent
valuable objects for archaeological research. Also,
the use of the “galarias altas” as a burial place during the
Holocene raises the question how this gallery was accessed
in the past. On the hillslope above the “galarias
altas“ we conducted 14 vibracorings to find evidence for a
second entrance. Also, we prepared several profiles within
the alluvial cone of the entrance hall and took selected
samples for sedimentological, geochemical and micromorphological
investigations, as well as radiocarbon dating. Ver póster 

Actualización 27-07-15: Artículo relacionado: The Investigation of the Ardales Cave, Spain – 3D Documentation, Topographic Analyses, and Lighting Simulations based on Terrestrial Laser Scanning 
Hoffmeister, Dirk; Zellmann, Stefan; Pastoors, Andreas; Kehl, Martin et al. (2015) 
In: Archaeological Prospection. DOI: 10.1002/arp.1519.

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