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Book: In the Landscape and Between Worlds

In the Landscape and Between Worlds : Bronze Age Deposition Sites Around Lakes Mälaren and Hjälmaren in Sweden 
Rundkvist, Martin
2015 (English)

Bronze Age settlements and burials in the Swedish provinces around Lakes Mälaren and Hjälmaren yield few bronze objects and fewer of the era’s fine stone battle axes. Instead, these things were found by people working on wetland reclamation and stream dredging for about a century up to the Second World War. Then the finds stopped because of changed agricultural practices.

The objects themselves have received much study. Not so with the sites where they were deposited. This book reports on a wide-ranging landscape-archaeological survey of Bronze Age deposition sites, with the aim to seek general rules in the placement of sites. How did a person choose the appropriate site to deposit a socketed axe in 800 BC? [...] scienceblogs.com

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