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First glimpse inside the Siberian cave that holds the key to man's origins

Picture: Vera Salnitskaya

New revelations expected as Novosibirsk experts share latest ancient finds with world's leading specialists.

These exclusive pictures show the world famous Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains from which a series of stunning scientific discoveries on man's origins have been made in recent years.

More are expected as a result of a hive of archeological activity - overseen by the specialists from Novosibirsk State University -  underway at this unique site inhabited continuously from the deep past.

Scientist Maksim Kozlikin said: 'We are working with Oxford University in the UK, they help us with radiocarbon and other dating and also conduct studies of ancient DNA. Currently, we continue cooperation and there can be new joint scientific articles.'

The significance of the cave is immense, and the experts are convinced it has more secrets to give up on human origins. Here in 2008 was discovered a finger bone fragment of 'X woman', a juvenile female who lived around 41,000 years ago, analysis of which indicated that she was genetically distinct from Neanderthals and modern humans.

This previously unknown and long extinct hominin species or subspecies was christened Denisovan after this cave. In 2010 analysis on an upper molar from a young adult, found in the cave ten years previously, was also from a Denisovan. [...]

Actualización 02-08-15Primera visita al interior de la cueva siberiana que alberga la clave de los orígenes del hombre
Mostramos a continuación imágenes exclusivas de la mundialmente famosa Cueva de Denisova, en el Macizo de Altái, en la que se ha realizado una serie de asombrosos descubrimientos científicos sobre los orígenes del hombre en los últimos años.

Descubrimientos que se espera sean más numerosos como resultado de la febril actividad arqueológica -supervisada por especialistas de la Universidad Estatal de Novosibirsk- que se está llevando a cabo en este yacimiento único, habitado de forma continua desde nuestro pasado más ancestral...

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Actualización: Primera visita al interior de la cueva siberiana que alberga la clave de los orígenes del hombre