miércoles, 22 de julio de 2015

First Humans Out of Africa Were Small, Scrappy

Recreation of Homo habilis, Handy Man. Cicero Moraes, Wikimedia Commons
The most comprehensive dataset ever assembled on our early human ancestors provides evidence that the first humans emerged in South Africa, and that the first humans to migrate out of Africa came from a small-bodied species such as Homo habilis, aka "Handy Man."

The theory is a complete shake-up of the human family tree, since it has long been theorized that a relatively tall, muscular human, Homo erectus (Upright Man), was the first to leave Africa for Asia and Europe.

Traditionally, Handy Man "was viewed as a little human, with a relatively big brain, bipedalism, and tool-making forming part of the picture," said Mark Collard, a professor at Simon Fraser University's Human Evolutionary Studies Program and Department of Archaeology, and senior author of the study in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. [...] news.discovery.com

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