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First residents of Imbros came from Anatolia 8,500 years ago

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July/24/2015. The first residents of Imbros, known as Gökçeada in Turkish, in the Aegean province of Çanakkale migrated from Anatolia some 8,500 years ago, according to archeological research which has been carried out on the island for the past six years.

“Communities from Anatolia who were involved in agriculture arrived with their animals and supplies like wheat and barley, and occupied a small area,” said Prof. Dr. Burçin Erdoğu, head of the archeology board in the Uğurlu-Zeytinlik site, in a statement.

In an interview he gave to Anadolu Agency, Erdoğu elaborated on the excavation they’ve been undertaking 900 meters east of Uğurlu village and how his team discovered the thrilling history behind the first residents of Imbros.

“We want to know where they came from, how they settled, how they survived, how they led their lives. We want to know all of these,” said Erdoğu, giving details about his team’s mission, which was to detect the first residents who settled on the island. [...] hurriyetdailynews.com/ via  The Archaeology News Network

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