viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015

"Por un puñado de punzones más"

Artículo publicado en la revista en inglés Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports: “For a few awls more”. Bone tools in northeastern Iberia Neolithic burials (4th–5th millennia cal BC). A morpho-technical and functional approach... (De libre acceso hasta el 31 de Octubre.)... Sepulturas Neolíticas (Vía B&W3) 


The morphology, technology and function of bone utensils found in seven necropolises in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula and dated to the Neolithic (late fifth to mid fourth millennia cal BC) are studied through a specific methodology involving technological and functional analyses, which has rarely been applied to Neolithic funerary sites, and is practically unknown in archaeological studies in Iberia. Several interpretative hypotheses are considered and compared, and correlated with the results obtained for other types of implements in the graves. This provides a very precise view of the criteria governing the selection of the bone and lithic tools left as grave goods.

Results show standardisation in the morphology and size of awls and spatulas/smoothers originating from animals of different taxa and size. Many record traces of use on different substances, but a large number do not. Metapodials appear to have been shaped using the groove and splinter technique, followed by scraping with a lithic flake, grinding and polishing, most likely with a smoothing stone. The unsuitability of the supposedly active tip zones of some implements supports a symbolic function for these items.

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