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Europe’s oldest known natural mummy has been recreated with 3D printing

A European man was killed over 5,000 years ago, and were it not for the location of his body, his existence would have been lost to history. However, the man dubbed Ötzi was discovered preserved inside an Italian glacier in 1991. Ötzi is notable for being the oldest naturally preserved European mummy ever discovered, and now he’s been reproduced using 3D printing.

The incredible preservation of Ötzi has given scientists a glimpse of what life was like in Copper Age Europe, something you don’t often get with a regular burial or prepared mummy. Ötzi carried a bow, arrows, a copper axe, flint knife, baskets, and a fire lighting kit among other treasures. His body is covered with several dozen tattoos, and there is evidence he had been sick repeatedly in the months preceding his death. He also has an arrowhead in his shoulder from the attack that likely killed him.

His possessions have been reproduced and studied in detail since Ötzi’s discovery, but the body is much more delicate. Having been frozen for millennia, Ötzi is kept in a climate controlled environment in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano, Italy. The creation of a 3D replica, as detailed in a new episode of Nova, will allow researchers and museum patrons around the world to get a better look at Ötzi. [...]

Video: Iceman Reborn Preview | NOVA
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Actualización: Vídeo. The Iceman Cometh: Ötzi Reborn on a 3D Printer | Materialise Blog
Five thousand years after he was murdered on a Tyrolean Alpine peak, Ötzi rose from liquid resin on a Mammoth stereolithography 3D printer at Materialise — or rather, his 3D-printed twin did. An interdisciplinary team, comprising scientists, archeologists and historians, turned to Materialise to create the first 3D-printed replica of Ötzi’s mummified body in aid of research. Watch the whole process of 3D printing a mummy here!...

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Actualización: Vídeo. Making the Iceman
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Actualización: Vídeo. Making the Iceman