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Canada. 12,000-year-old campsite found near N.B. highway

Archeologists have unearthed a campsite thought to be more than 12,000 years old next to a stretch of highway near Fredericton, N.B., and the rare find could fill a critical gap in Canada’s Maritime history.

Evidence of the ancient encampment was first spotted two years ago by workers building a highway bypass. The province’s Department of Transportation issued a stop-work order and shifted construction to avoid disturbing the site.

Now, three weeks into the dig, a fully intact fire pit containing ancient charcoal, along with arrow heads and a stone tool for cleaning animal hides have been found among over 600 artifacts.

Brent Suttie, the provincial archeologist leading the 22 member team, says the ground underneath his tarps used to form the shores of a glacier lake larger than any in New Brunswick today.

“This gives us our only glimpse into what people were doing during this time period,” he told CTV Atlantic... (Video) CTV News / Link 2 (Videos)

Actualización: Ancient tools found near Route 8 now believed to be 12,700 years old - CBC News

1/3. (Philip Drost/CBC)

Ancient tools and artifacts uncovered along Route 8 near Fredericton have turned out to be older than expected.

The artifacts are now believed to be 12,700-years-old, 700 years older than previously thought, said Brent Suttie, the director of the archeological services branch in the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.

"We were fortunate enough to find a fire pit … and a living floor that confirm that the area was occupied between 12,600 and 12,700 years ago," said Suttie...

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Actualización: Ancient tools found near Route 8 now believed to be 12,700 years old