domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2016

8 millennial settlement uncovered in west-central Iran

ARAK, Sep. 18 (MNA) – Excavations in an ancient hill in Shazand in Central Province have found evidence of settlement which goes back to 8 millennia ago.

Ghafour Kaka, the head of excavation expedition in the site of Sarsakhti castle hill in an eponymous village in Shazand told Cultural Heritage Research Center that the evidence found in the site included simple and adorned pottery, bone and stone tools, counting tools and animal figurines, human skeletons, bone flag posts, pottery spindle whorl, and casting molds.

“Our excavations reveal that the site had been settled since 8 millennia ago (Neolithic age); according to stratigraphic work of 2012, the site contained relics of Neolithic, Eneolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages, Parthian, Ilkhanid, and Qajar periods,” Kaka added. “In spring of 2016, our excavations sought to delve deep into the oldest human settlement of the site which revealed important Eneolithic and Neolithic relics in a small tranche of 6.4 meters.” [...] Mehr News Agency

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