domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2016

Ice Age Cave Art: Unlocking the Mysteries Behind These Markings - Nat Geo Live

Publicado el 12 sept. 2016 por National Geographic
When it comes to European Ice Age cave art, researchers have primarily focused their attention on the animal and human art, largely ignoring the geometric signs found to the sides of these beautiful paintings. At most sites, the geometric signs outnumber the animal paintings by two to one. That intrigued Genevieve Von Petzinger, a 2016 National Geographic emerging explorer. What could these rarely studied signs mean? Von Petzinger takes the stage to talk about her passion for exploration and her quest to uncover the hidden meaning behind these markings.

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"I feel a sense of awe, no matter how many caves I visit."

Paul Kennedy takes a trip back in time to the Ice Age with renowned Canadian archaeologist Genevieve von Petzinger. That's where they discuss the possible meaning behind the strange geometric shapes that appear along with cave art from the Paleolithic Period, and her struggle to crack the code on the first form of graphic communication... (Audio)

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