domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2016

Finds in Bulgaria’s Ohoden Show ‘Mediterranean’, ‘Proto-European’ People Formed Joint Prehistoric Civilization in Southeast Europe

Photo: Vratsa Regional Museum of History

Recent archaeological discoveries made in the Early Neolithic archaeological site Valoga near Ohoden in Northwest Bulgaria demonstrate that people from two anthropological groups, the Mediterranean and the “Proto-European", came together to peacefully form a joint prehistoric civilization in Southeast Europe, says archaeologist Georgi Ganetsovski.

Ganetsovski, who is presently the Director of the Regional Museum of History in Bulgaria’s Vratsa, has been in charge of the archaeological excavations in Ohoden, making important discoveries about the dawn of human civilization in Europe.

The 2016 summer excavations there led to the discovery of an 8,000-year-old stone structure and an obsidian artifact of the same age which was at first believed to have originated in Armenia (see below).

The archaeological discoveries in Ohoden so far have revealed some of the earliest burial facilities from this first agricultural civilization which was formed in the Balkan Peninsula by people from the Mediterranean and Proto-European anthropological type, Ganetsovski has told Portal12. [...] Archaeology in Bulgaria

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