viernes, 20 de enero de 2017

Archaeologists discovered 7 thousand old years old house in Moldova

1/2. View of the excavation site where the house of the Linear Pottery culture was discovered, photo by M. Dębiec

More than twenty meters could be the length of the relics of a wooden house from approx. 7 thousand years ago, discovered by an international team of researchers near the city of Balti, about 100 km from Chisinau in Moldova. This is the first known so-called "long house" discovered in Moldova.

"This is an important discovery, because we finally have proof that representatives of the Linear Pottery culture, who inhabited huge areas in Europe - from Paris Basin in the west to Kiev in the east, built houses typical for this culture on the south-eastern frontiers" - said Dr. Maciej Dębiec from the Institute of Archaeology, University of Rzeszów and the University of Regensburg, who led the excavations in the town of Nicolaevca together with Stanislav Terna of the High Anthropological School University in Chisinau.

Only few similar relics of houses have been discovered in the neighbouring Ukraine, and none in Romania - which is why the discovery is very important for scientists.

From approx. 7 thousand. years BC, knowledge of breeding and cultivation began to spread from the Middle East to the territory of Europe; it was a huge cultural and social change. As a result, people abandoned their mobile lifestyle and settled down. [...] Scholarship in Poland

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