viernes, 14 de julio de 2017

Mystery of uneaten fish supper from the Stone Age unearthed in Siberia

1/8. The remains of a well-preserved fish supper from Stone Age times.
Will Stewart

REMAINS of a well-preserved fish supper from Stone Age times have been unearthed in Siberia.

The Mesolithic meal dating back 8,000 years is whetting the appetites of Russian archeologists after being located on a site on the Lena River in diamond rich Yakutia.

Floats used by the ancient fisherman – made from birch bark – were found intact close to the catch of three fish of different sizes.

A harpoon spearhead was also discovered.

Archeologist Victor Dyakonov said he believed ancient Sumnagin people were suddenly interrupted "and didn't finish eating the fish".

The bones remain after eight millennia, well preserved in this permafrost region.

The Sumnagins inhabited Siberia in ancient times, and were the first to venture north into the region's Arctic tundra around 10,000 years ago. [...] / Link 2 

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