viernes, 3 de noviembre de 2017

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Rutas con Encanto - Cueva de Altamira
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El yacimiento rupestre y su territorio.El caso de Siega Verde
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Seminario 'Arte Rupestre y Turismo Cultural ' celebrado en la Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo (Santander) del 31 de julio al 4 de agosto de 2017.

Cueva del Tesoro de #RincónDeLaVictoria. ¿Te atreves a descubrirla?
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Ghosts of Stonehenge
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Stonehenge is the grandest and most enigmatic of Europe’s prehistoric monuments, and it has inspired countless theories to explain who built it and why. Was it an ancient cathedral or burial place or even a Stone Age observatory or computer? Over the last decade, fresh answers have come from an ambitious program of research, including the first scientific study of human remains—thousands of fragments of cremated men, women, and children—buried at the site 5,000 years ago... NOVA

Lascaux Cave Paintings Exhibited in China for First Time 
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The itinerant exhibition of Lascaux cave paintings kicked off in Shanghai on Wednesday.

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