jueves, 25 de enero de 2018

Extinct Woolly Rhino 'Sasha' Reconstructed in Russia's Siberia

Scientists were surprised to find Sasha's hair was a light, reddish color .Photograph by Anastasia Loginova, The Siberian Times

... Last December, a team of scientists from the Paleontological Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Sakha Academy of Sciences in northeastern Russia took the small, slumped remains of Sasha and brought them back to life.

The remains, gray when they were first found, were cleaned. Scientists were surprised to see the young rhino was originally a light strawberry blond color. An analysis of Sasha's teeth revealed the animal was about seven months old when it died.

 That it was so young was a surprise to scientists, reports the Siberian Times. Sasha is big for seven months old. It measures almost five feet long and stands about two and a half feet tall. Modern rhinos in Africa typically don't reach that size until 18 months of age.... /news.nationalgeographic.com

Vídeo: Woolly Rhino at "The Heat of Permafrost" Exibition in Moscow - Sputnik
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