viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

First ever prehistoric fashion show announced

The world’s first prehistoric fashion show will take place in London during the upcoming international Humanities festival sponsored by archaeologists at the University of Southampton and the Natural History Museum Viennaaccording to a May 30, 2013, press release from the University of Southampton.

The fashion show will display the use of pottery, metalwork, and textiles created during the period 1,800 to 500 BC that are the findings of a three-year collaborative research project called “Creativity and Craft Production in Middle and Late Bronze Age Europe” [...]

How Ethiopian scientist unearthed 'world's oldest child'

It was another December afternoon back in 2000, spent like hundreds of others combing the rocky hills of the Dikika region, when Ethiopian scientist Zeray Alemseged heard one of his assistants nearby calling him.
"He said 'oh, doctor I see something there,'" recalls Alemseged, who'd been excavating the hot and dry landscape for over a year, helped only by a small inexperienced crew of locals. "And I went there and I see the cheek bone part ... sticking out of the rock. I turned it upside down and my jaw literally dropped."
Instantly, Alemseged realized this was an extraordinary discovery that could make scientific history. [...]