jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010

Bulletins et mémoires de la Société d'anthropologie de Paris

Les Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d’Anthropologie de Paris ont été créés en même temps que cette Société, en 1859. C’est la plus ancienne publication du monde dans le domaine de l’anthropologie biologique...

RAMP - The Rock Art Museum Prototype

Part One of the RAMP machinima presented for the first time at the 23rd International Rock Art Symposium at Val Camonica Italy, October 2009. Watch Part Two, and join this ground-breaking project at http://thetechvirtual.org. Bringing our oldest form of self-expression together with our newest; this ongoing project utilises virtual world technology to aid research, collaboration, education and preservation of some of the world's most impressive pre-historic rock art sites.

Ver los dos vídeos (YouTube 05/01/2010) en Paleo Vídeos > L.R.2.1

Messages from the Stone Age

Our ancestors seem to have had a regular system of 26 symbols, which may have been the origins of written language. First discovered in France, these symbols crop up throughout the prehistoric world, leading some to wonder whether they originated in Africa and travelled with early humans as they migrated across the globe.

Stone Age jottings

A potent grouping

Dots and lines are some of the most commonly found symbols. Dots of varying sizes appear at 42 per cent of French sites and lines were found at over 70 per cent of sites studied and appeared from 30,000 years ago until 10,000 years ago.

Saber más: The writing on the cave wall New Scientist Magazine issue 2748.