domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Rock Art and Ritual: Mindscapes of Prehistory

Book: ROCK ART AND RITUAL: Mindscapes of Prehistory
Alan Walker (Author), Brian Smith (Author)
Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Amberley (July 2011)

A new interpretation of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age rock art.

The follow-up volume to Rock Art and Ritual: Interpreting the Prehistoric Landscapes of the North York Moors, the authors continue their research into British Neolithic rock art and interpret the symbology of these carved stones. This volume takes the study onto a national scale, and helps explain the importance of the sun and water to Neolithic man. Without these, life would not exist, and the carvings on ancient rocks are often man's attempts to come to terms with his being and his place within the universe. Many stones have obvious astronomical uses and many throughout Britain possess similar styles and markings... (Product Description).

Related news: Archivo del noticiario > Edición 17-02-11 > Author rocks on with new book.
THE eagerly-awaited second book by an amateur archaeologist is due to hit the bookshelves next month.
Alan Walker, director of Fersina North Yorkshire Ltd, in Horsemarket Road, Malton, is launching Rock Art and Ritual Volume Two: Mindscapes of Prehistory, next month.
Co-authored with Brian Smith, it builds on the first book which looked at where and why hunters and farmers from the neolithic and bronze age placed rock art in the North York Moors...

Dolmen en San Martin de Montalban, Toledo

Foto panorámica tomada el 04/08/2011.

Dolmen en San Martin de Montalban in España