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Painted Caves: Palaeolithic Rock Art in Western Europe

Book: Painted Caves: Palaeolithic Rock Art in Western Europe
Andrew J. Lawson (Author)
Hardcover: 456 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA (July 15, 2012)
Language: English
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Book Description:Painted Caves, a beautifully illustrated introduction to the oldest art of Western Europe, charts the historical background to the acceptance of a Palaeolithic age for the very ancient paintings found in caves. Offering an up-to-date overview of the geographical distribution of the sites found in southern France and the Iberian Peninsula, and examples known in Britain, Italy, Romania, and Russia, Lawson's expert study is not restricted to the art in caves, but places this art alongside the engravings and sculptures found both on portable objects and on rock faces in the open air...

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Jean Clottes
List of Special Sections
Lists of Plates, Text Figures, Special Section Figures, and Gazetteer Figures
Notes for Readers
Part 1: The Text
1. Introduction: The scope of the book
2. Enlightenment and Discovery: The birth of the Palaeolithic period and the discovery of the first decorated objects
3. Denial and Atonement: The discovery of Upper Palaeolithic rock art and the definition of style
4. Precision and controversy: The use of direct radiocarbon age estimates
5. Where and when? The distribution of Upper Palaeolithic rock art sites in Western Europe
6. Lifting the painted Veil: The quest for meaning
Part 2: The Gazetteer
1. Altamira, Cantabria, Spain
2. La Pena de Candamo, Asturias, Spain
3. Monte Castillo, Cantabria, Spain; including El Castillo, Las Chimeneas, Las Monedas and La Pasiega
4. Chauvet, Ardeche, France
5. Cosquer, Bouche du Rhone, France
6. Cougnac, Lot, France
7. Covaciella, Asturias, France; including El Bosque
8. La Garma, Cantabria, Spain
9. Lascaux, Dordogne, France
10. Llonin, Asturias, Spain
11. Mayenne-Sciences, Mayenne, France
12. Niaux, Ariege, France
13. Pech-Merle, Lot, France
14. La Pileta, Andalucia, Spain (Ver páginas disponibles en Google Book
15. Le Portel, Ariege, France
16. Tito Bustillo, Asturias, Spain
Appendix: Table of radiocarbon age estimates
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