viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

Morocco: Discovered in the southwest of Aïn Taoujdate of two human skeletons

Researchers of the National Institute of the Sciences of Archaeology and the Heritage of Morocco (INSAP) and the Regional Direction of the Ministry grounds of the Culture of Meknès-Tafilalet have just discovered two human skeletons which the age would be between 6 000 and 14 000 years in the cave Kehf El Hallouf 2, in the village of El Ksir in about 6 km in the southwest of the city of Aïn Taoujdate (province of El Hajeb, more of 300km in the East – south of Rabat).

Remains were found in different levels separated between them by an archeological coat about 0.50 m, specifies a press release of INSAP, named by the news agency MAP. The first skeleton, the age of which would be between 6000 and 8 000 years, belongs to a grown-up man who was buried in a narrow pit in a position sat with the hard contracted lower limb. The heels of feet touch the bones of the basin practically while knees were brought back at the level of the thorax [...]

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