martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

Bronze Age animal remains discovered on Gwynedd beach

Derfel Hughes found the horn of a now-extinct aurochs while walking his dog at storm hit Dinas Dinlle beach near Caernarfon 

Evidence of the animals which  roamed North Wales thousands of years  ago has been found by a man walking  his dog on a storm-hit beach.

Derfel Hughes picked up what he  thought was a piece of driftwood while  walking his labrador Nedw at Dinas  Dinlle near Caernarfon.

But further enquiries revealed he had  in fact discovered the horn of an  aurochs, an extinct type of large wild  cattle which died out in Britain in the  Bronze Age.

Mr Hughes, of Rhosisaf, said: “I went  walking at Dinas Dinlle after the big  storms in February, and came across  what I thought was a piece of driftwood. When I looked closer, I thought it  might be a tusk, like one you would find  on an elephant.” [...]

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