lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

Göbekli Tepe – Developing tourism & the Urfa region

Göbekli Tepe has become a major factor in the development of the Urfa region. This rising public interest is reflected in a growing stream of visitors on-site. 

Canopy planned at the main excavation area at the southern slope of the artificial mound of Göbekli Tepe
For this reason, it has become essential that a) adequate facilities are provided for the visiting public and b) sufficient measures are taken to ensure the protection and preservation of the ancient structures.

In order to fulfill these objectives, plans have been made to cover large parts of the Göbekli Tepe over the last several years with protective shelters which will also feature so-called walking floors that will provide visitors with unprecedented (contact-free) access to the archaeological site. A Visitor Centre erected by the government in Winter 2012/13 is situated at the entrance to the archaeological area. Its doors are expected to open officially in Spring 2014. The visitors’ centre includes a cafeteria, several shops and rest rooms. A shuttle service will be installed to transfer visitors from the parking areas at the visitors’ centre to the excavation area which is about 800 metres away. [...]

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