martes, 22 de abril de 2014

The 150th anniversary of the naming of Homo neanderthalensis by William King

International symposium: NUI Galway, May 23-25 2014 

 As the sesquicentennial anniversary of King’s remarkable achievement approaches in 2014, NUI Galway will mark the occasion with a special international symposium dedicated to the distant prehistoric people he gave a name to and their origin in human evolution. [...]

Actualización 13-06-14: Vídeo. The DNA of Neanderthal people

Vídeo YouTube por NUI Galway el 11/06/14 17/06/14 añadido a Paleo Vídeos > Prehistoria Universal > L.R.2.6 nº 19.

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Actualización: Vídeo. The DNA of Neanderthal people