miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014

Lost collection of human fossils found

A treasure trove of important human fossils has been discovered by a team of scientists from the Natural History Museum, including Liverpool John Moores University's Dr Isabelle De Groote.

Future Ancient DNA analyses of these bones, morphological studies and further dating of the material may shed light on the exodus of modern humans from Africa and on whether the Middle East is the place where Neanderthals and modern humans met and interbred.

The collection consisted of boxes of bones discovered among the personal belongings of Sir Arthur Keith who had been the Master at Buckston Brown Farm, a research station of the Royal College of Surgeons next to Darwin’s home, Down House, Kent. After Sir Arthur Keith’s death in 1955 a number of fossils were transferred from the collections at Royal College of Surgeons to the Natural History Museum but this particular collection did not arrive until 2001. It was not until the current study was carried out that the importance of Sir Arthur Keith’s collection became clear. The study, published in Quaternary International, describes the work undertaken to identify and document the human skeletal material in the Keith Collection.[...] news.cision.com/

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