viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

The 8 oldest artworks in Europe

This week we have heard about a rock engraving made by Neandertals 39,000 years ago in Gorham’s Cave, Gibraltar. I thought it was a good moment to recall some of the Europe’s oldest artwork that has been found (so far)…

1) Nerja Cave (Málaga, Spain)
Six paintings of seals on stalactites discovered in 2012. Some charcoal remains were found beside the paintings: they were radiocarbon dated about 43,000 years old, although it is pending to date the paint pigment itself. If such dating can be confirmed, this will imply that Nerja Cave art is the earliest human paintings ever found and the oldest Neandertal art (they were the hominids living in that region at that time). They coexist with other 2 groups of paintings, one from the Solutrean period 20,000 years B.P. and another from the Magdalenian period around 12,000 B.P.

...  Nutcraker Man

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