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The Côa Rock Art in Cinema


João Botelho is one of the great Portuguese filmmakers of today. Being simultaneously a man of the Douro, during his presence in the first Cinecôa he had the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of the Côa Museum. This captivated and dazzled him for the Côa archaeological reality and the extraordinary artistic legacy, particularly of ancient prehistory, which is kept in the Côa Valley. And here was born the idea for João Botelho to direct a film in the form of documentary fiction with the Côa Rock Art in the background.

The idea germinated, and with the support of the Côa Park Foundation and Côa Valley Archeological Park, João Botelho was able to carry on with this project. And so, for a week, between 10 and 16 of July 2014, filming took place in the field, at the Côa Valley Archeological Park and the Côa Museum. A week rich in sensations and creativity, of which we present some photographs, by Jaime António.

The film will have a world premiere in the Indie/Lisbon Festival in 2015. Until then, we can present the trailer:

The Art of Light has 20.000 years - Trailer

Via  arte-coa.pt

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