lunes, 6 de abril de 2015

Caithness Archaeology: Aspects of Prehistory

Book: Caithness Archaeology: Aspects of Prehistory

Andy Heald and John Barber, the authors of a new book on archaeology in north-east Scotland, on cattle, cairns and settlers

“One can scarcely go a quarter of a mile in any direction among the Yarrows Landscape hills without meeting with ancient structural remains of one kind or another.

Situated on the eastern coast of the county, the Yarrows and Watenan area is one of the richest concentrations of well-preserved historical and archaeological remains of all periods in northern mainland Britain.

The absence of industrial-scale agriculture in the area has ensured the survival of important archaeological and historical monuments together with the spaces – now fossil landscapes – in which they were built.

In 1985, a survey of the area recorded 240 sites. Over the last few years, evidence for Mesolithic activity has been uncovered on the Thrumster Estate by Islay MacLeod.

Islay is a central figure in Caithness’ archaeology. Aside from her particular interest in the Yarrows landscape, she is very passionate about the county’s heritage. [...]

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