jueves, 4 de junio de 2015

Five massive Bronze Age axes unearthed in Denmark

1/5.  Constanze Rassmann, the curator of Museum Midtjylland, shows off the largest of the bronze axes. (Photo: Private photo)
Archaeologists have made a world-class Bronze Age find on a small field in North Denmark

"I'm all electric," says archaeologist Constanze Rassmann, the curator of Museum Midtjylland in Denmark.

Five huge Bronze Age axes have turned up in a field in Boest near Nørre Snede in Jutland, the museum writes in a press release.

And when they say huge, they mean huge. The axes are around twice the size of those usually found, explains Rassmann, who doesn't hesitate to compare the find to winning Champions League.

"Five such Bronze Age axes have been found in all Northern Europe to date, and then we go and five more in one go. That's fantastic," says the enthusiastic museum curator according to tv2.dk.

The axes date from 1600 BCE, which makes them one of the earliest Bronze Age finds in Denmark.

The gallery above contains pictures of the impressive find which has drawn archaeologists from far and wide to the field in Jutland. [...] sciencenordic.com

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