lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

'Ötzi-Walk:' Hike like in the Stone Age

Three hikers, two weeks, one rule: use Stone Age appropriate equipment only. To promote an exhibition, a museum sent two men and one woman on the "Ötzi-Walk." But they didn't plan with a stint of bad summer weather. 

The "Ötzi-Walkers" are not actually walking. They are huddled in a miserable little hut without walls in the woods just off a main road somewhere in North-Rhine Westphalia. They are staring at the rain that seems to be coming down heavier by the minute - which is good in so far as the louder it gets, the less you can hear the white noise coming from the autobahn that bothered them all night.

That's right - All night. The trio, clad in linen and leather, slept in the hut as well, even though it got pretty chilly. But that's part of the deal.

During the 15-day "Ötzi-Walk," Lukas Heinen, Marco Hocke and his wife Veronika Hocke were to hike from Detmold to Bonn. It's an usual promotion project for the "Revolution New Stone Age" exhibition that the LVR Museum Bonn will display in its three locations in Bonn, Herne and Detmold starting September 5. [...] DW.COM

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