martes, 15 de septiembre de 2015

New excavations studying life in Anatolia 7,000 years ago

3/3. The artifacts such as a bronze wristband, ring, earring and bead shed light on the culture and social life of ancient times.
An archological team excavating a tumulus of the Van Castle revealed new information about the social life and architecture of the region from 7,000 years ago. The team members also focus on findings belong to ancient Urartian civilizations and the Ottomans

More findings around an ancient urban settlement have been unearthed in a tumulus in the northern part of Van Castle during excavations conducted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The findings have given researchers more information on a 7,000-year period that includes the history of the ancient Urartians as well as cast a light on the Ottoman era. [...] Daily Sabah

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