jueves, 21 de enero de 2016

Angola: Archeological Lithic Stations Discovered

Three archeological lithic stations comprising pre-history age stone instruments were recently discovered in southwestern Namibe province, Angop learned.

The discovery resulted a research and localisation of assets and sites with historical and cultural value.

One of the threee stations was discovered in the locality of Kuroca, municipality of Tombwa, and another on one of the banks of the Giraul river, near the province's headquarters.

The fact was announced Wednesday to Angop by the head of Namibe cultural heritage department, Benjamim Fernandes.

According to the official, the stations are quite rich, with numerous types of lithic tools and a team of the National Cultural Heritage Institute is expected in the province for a proper assessment and subsequent classification of the archaeological sites.

The expert who headed the research committee said the team will focus on classifying this lithic industry, according to the historical period to which their belong.

"The important thing is to know to which station each of them belongs, if the age of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic or Neolithic. In the case of Namibe, we will seek to identify a station of old age, middle age or the recent stone age, " he said. [...] allAfrica.com / Link 2 

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