jueves, 7 de abril de 2016

A window to prehistoric beliefs - the sanctuary of Bolków

1/3. Sacrificial offering discovered in the sanctuary - elk horn hoe. Photo by T. Galiński
About 9 thousand years ago near today's lake Świdwie (West Pomerania) shamans performed mysterious rituals. Today, archaeologists discovered traces of this unusual activity.

Figures dressed in the furs, chanting monotonous song emerge from the shadows and clouds of smoke. Wearing masks and animal antlers on their heads, they carry small bundles... Perhaps that is what the rituals performed many thousands of years ago near today's Szczecin looked like.

We will probably never know the details of the rituals. However, all indications are that the discoveries made by Prof. Tadeusz Galiński from the Szczecin branch of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology PAS are unique in Europe. Archaeologists began to study the site in 2012. Initially they did not realize what they were dealing with - they simply stumbled upon the remains of huts. They thought it was a typical settlement of hunters from before 9 thousand years. However, further finds were becoming more and more intriguing. [...] Science & Scholarship in Poland / Link 2(republicado) / Link 3

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