jueves, 28 de abril de 2016

Historic flint axes found in Denmark

The flint axes date back to the early Stone Age (photo: Viborg Museum)

Artifacts considered a national treasure

Christian W. A pair of old friends have found the largest flint axes in Danish history in a drained bog area near Tastum Lake just south of Skive in Jutland.

Archaeologists at nearby Viborg Museum theorise that the axes were placed in the bog as part of a ritual sacrifice sometime during the early Stone Age around 3800-3500 BC.

“It’s fascinating that they could master the flint and produce such a perfect axe,” said Mikkel Kieldsen, an archaeologist and curator at Viborg Museum.

“A lot of effort has been put into the axes, so the sacrifice must have really meant something.”

A national treasure

One of the axes, where are being exhibited at Viborg Museum for the next three weeks, measures a Danish-record 50.5 centimetres.

The axes are considered a national treasure and will be sent to the National Museum of Denmark next month. The Post

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