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Book “The Luwian Civilization” has appeared

The foundation Luwian Studies today announced the go-live of its website in English and German as well as the publication of a book entitled “The Luwian Civilization – The Missing Link in the Aegean Bronze Age”. The book contains virtually all the texts and most of the illustrations that make up the English version of the website. People who are interested in the Middle and Bronze Age in western Asia Minor now have the choice to read up on it either online or in the form of a book. The book is authored by Eberhard Zangger and published by Ege Yayınları, Istanbul. It contains 292 pages and 148 color illustrations and is available as of now (ISBN 978-605-9680-11-0).

Link 2: Scientists Proclaim a New Civilization in the Aegean Bronze Age
A scientific publication, book and comprehensive website made public today by scientists at the Luwian Studies foundation in Zurich, Switzerland, advance and add weight to the view that Aegean prehistory (3000-1200 BCE) suffers from a pro-European bias...

Video: The Luwians: A Lost Civilization Comes Back to Life - YouTube

Actualización: World War Zero brought down mystery civilisation of 'sea people' | New Scientist
The Trojan War was a grander event than even Homer would have us believe. The famous conflict may have been one of the final acts in what one archaeologist has controversially dubbed “World War Zero” – an event he claims brought the eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age world crashing down 3200 years ago.

And the catalyst for the war? A mysterious and arguably powerful civilisation almost entirely overlooked by archaeologists: the Luwians...

Video: The End of the Bronze Age - Luwian Studies
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Actualización: World War Zero brought down mystery civilisation of 'sea people'