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Watch as University of Reading archaeologists piece together Stone Age arrowhead

1/2. Neolithic arrowhead
The Neolithic arrowhead found by archaeologists at the University of Reading is the finest ever found in Britain 

Archaeologists from the University of Reading have put back together the pieces of a Neolithic flint arrowhead for the first time in 4,500 years.

The find is the finest Stone Age arrowhead ever found in Britain.

It took archaeologists from the University of Reading five years to realise their discovery as the two parts of the arrowhead were unearthed during two digs, five years apart, at Marden Henge in Wiltshire.

The main part of the finely worked arrowhead was found in excavations in 2010. Last year, an elongated barb was discovered a few yards away, which looked as if it might be linked to the previous find.

The moment the two pieces were brought back together for the first time in 4,500 years at the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes was captured on film just released by the University of Reading.

Dr Jim Leary, of the department of archaeology and director of the archaeology field school where the excavations took place, said: “This is a remarkable discovery... (Video) Get Reading

VideoThe finest Neolithic arrowhead in Britain
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