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Dublin dig uncovers ancient artwork

The team has highlighted the carvings which are almost imperceptible to naked eye

Dublin's Hellfire Club has been a place shrouded in myth and mystery but is now giving up its secrets as a significant discovery has been made at the site.

The club's infamy stems from the fact it was built using stone from ancient tombs - essentially grave robbing.

Archaeologists who began digging up the grounds last month have stumbled across artwork believed to be 5,000 years old.

But the stone carving is so faint it is almost imperceptible to the naked eye; the team admit they almost missed it.

They only spotted the designs when a beam of sunlight shone on a rock that they had lifted and "set aside" weeks earlier in the dig.

Concentric circles

Neil Jackman, who is leading the archaeological project, said his team "did not originally notice anything particularly unusual about the stone".

"Early in the morning of Wednesday 19 October, the low autumnal sun hit the stone at an angle that revealed a previously unnoticed long curving line," he said. [...] BBC News

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