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The Last Neanderthal

Book: The Last Neanderthal
Claire Cameron
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Doubleday Canada (April 25, 2017)

Acclaimed writer Claire Cameron’s title character is strong, sexy, smart and, yes, a redhead

Toronto novelist Claire Cameron, whose 2014 bestseller The Bear took place in the contemporary Canadian wilderness, moves across time and space to an equally dangerous locale for The Last Neanderthal, set in France 40,000 years ago. The intricate tale of Girl, the title character, and Rose, the modern-day archaeologist who discovers her bones, is a story of common humanity, including the fact that the more things change for pregnant women, the more they stay the same. The novel is also thoroughly immersed in the recent explosion in knowledge—and speculation—about our closest kin. Cameron spoke with Maclean’s about the lives and fate of the Neanderthals... (Video)

Actualización: The Novelist's Risk: Researching The Last Neanderthal | JSTOR Daily
Every novel reimagines the world, and some novelists are gutsy enough to write about characters whose lives are unlike their own. Canadian author Claire Cameron‘s new novel The Last Neanderthal takes both of these challenges to the extreme. Cameron weaves together two different stories: one of a young woman trying to survive a hard season at the tail end of the Neanderthal era, and another of an archaeologist who has just made a groundbreaking discovery: a Neanderthal skeleton entwined with a modern human’s skeleton, proving that rather than dying out completely, the Neanderthals interacted with and interbred with modern humans...

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Actualización: The Novelist's Risk: Researching The Last Neanderthal