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15.000 Year-Old Statuette Discovered on Dugi Otok island (Croatia)

1/6. Foto: University of Zadar / Via Zadarski.hr

Meet Lili, the first Paleolithic depiction of the female form discovered in Croatia

Archaeologists discovered a priceless artefact while conducting research in Vlakno cave on Dugi otok island: a small anthropomorphic statuette that is estimated to be 15.000 years old.

The excavation project conducted in the cave has been closely followed by the wider scientific community for years now, due to a substantial fund of uncovered artefacts. Vlakno is located in the middle of Dugi otok; the cave has a large entrance overlooking Rava island and a water spring nearby, making it an ideal location for a settlement of a smaller community, from prehistoric times onwards.

So far, around fifteen research projects have been carried out in Vlakno cave. As time went by, archaeology students and scientists working at various European institutions reached a depth of five metres, uncovering multiple cultural layers that can be traced back 19.500 years.

Discovered artefacts include bones of larger animals such as deer, wild horses and aurochs, pointing to the fact that hunting used to be the main source of food for the inhabitants of Vlakno cave in the Paleolithic Age. Numerous tools and weapons have also been found, including two bone harpoons that stand out as extraordinary findings, as the use of harpoons in southeastern Europe is known to be extremely rare prior to the Mesolithic. [...] total-croatia-news.com  / Link 2

Actualización. Hallan en Dugi Otok (Croacia) una Venus paleolítica de 15.000 años de antigüedad / Link 2

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