domingo, 26 de noviembre de 2017

Edición 26-11-17

El proyecto arqueológico Peña del Moro (Segovia) documenta restos de materiales anteriores a la Edad del Bronce
El proyecto arqueológico Peña del Moro, ubicado en la localidad segoviana de Navas de Oro, ha documentado restos de materiales anteriores a la Edad del Bronce, en concreto de la cultura del Vaso Campaniforme, lo que viene a ratificar la "importancia" de este yacimiento...

Extremadura participa con HandPas en el Festival Cine de Arqueología  

El nacimiento de la humanidad.

¿Qué nos dice un hombre-león de hace 40.000 años de nuestra necesidad de creer? 


Libro. LOST WORLD: Secrets of a World Heritage Site | Gibraltar Museum
A new book entitled LOST WORLD: Secrets of a World Heritage Site by authors Stewart, Geraldine and Clive Finlayson of the Gibraltar Museum will be presented at the 2017 edition of the Gibraltar International Literary Festival.
This will be a lavishly illustrated coffee table book that will highlight the values of the Gorham’s Cave Complex UNESCO World Heritage Site which was inscribed in July 2016...

Ancient Mysteries: Eden Revealed review – all round Adam and Eve's for a gazelle feast? | The Guardian
Excavations in Turkey reveal tantalising details about humankind’s great leap forward to hunter-gathering, and the role religion played in that shift
ould the Bible’s oldest story be rooted in reality, asked last night’s Channel 5 documentary Ancient Mysteries: Eden Revealed, about the archaeological discoveries at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. The short answer? No. The long answer? No, but...

Más sobre 34,000 Year Old Ivory Venus Discovered In Saxony-Anhalt  / Link 2 / Link 3

 Here is a google translation:
Sensation find: Archaeologists have discovered in Saxony-Anhalt Palaeolithic fragments of a Venus figure.
The carefully crafted pieces of ivory are around 34,000 years old and resemble the famous Venus of the High Rock. So they are a real rarity. Because figurative art from this time was previously known only from caves of the Swabian Alb. The new find now represents the oldest known ivory sculpture outside southern Germany...

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