viernes, 11 de abril de 2014

New find challenges ‘simple’ Australian artefacts assumption

PURPOSLEY sharpened or ‘retouched’ stone axes evolved in Australia thousands of years before they appeared in Europe according to researchers studying the south-east Asian archaeological record.

Ground-edged axes like this one were found at a site near Windjana Gorge in the central Kimberley. Chris Langeluddecke

They found 30,000-year-old flakes from ground-edged axes at a site near Windjana Gorge in the central Kimberley.

In a recent paper with Professor Sue O’Connor, UWA archaeologist Jane Balme says the evidence collected challenges common assumptions about paleolithic innovations.

“The suggestion that all innovation has to come from the Old World is not true because clearly ground-stone axes were created here,” Prof Balme says.

She notes that they were also made in Japan at a slightly later date, by people who would have had no contact with either Australian Aborigines or people in Africa and Europe. [...]

Link2: El origen de las hachas pulimentadas hace unos 35.000 años.  (B&W1)
A través del artículo de Geoff Vivianh he conocido el hallazgo en Windjana Gorge , Kimberley (Australia) de otra herramienta con los bordes afilados pulidos, con una datación de unos 30.000 años de antigüedad. Este tipo de herramientas con los bordes afilados pulidos son típicos en el continente europeo en el período neolítico; de hecho la propia denominación de "Neolítico" obedece a una nueva...

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