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Remains of Bronze Age 'bowman' found in Scotland

Holes in the wrist guard could be for leather bindings

 Skeletal remains found in a village on the shores of Loch Ness have been identified as dating back to the Early Bronze Age.

A wrist guard, for use with a bow and arrow, and shards of pottery were also discovered with the remains at Drumnadrochit, near Inverness.

The artefacts were found in a burial cist uncovered during work to build Drumnadrochit's new health centre.
The wrist guard suggests the remains are those of man.

However, archaeologists have still to confirm the gender of the person who lived in the area about 4,500 years ago.

Archaeologists believe the pottery may have been decorated with a feather quill

Tests may also reveal how the person died.

Heather Cameron, of NHS Highland, said: "It is perhaps fitting that the site of what will be Drumnadrochit's newest public building should have had the remains of what may well have been the community's first resident.[...] bbc.com/

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Durante el desarrollo de las obras de construcción de un centro médico en Drumnadrochit (Escocia), se ha hallado un enterramiento de la Edad del Bronce. En el interior de la cista había restos óseos humanos, un brazal de arquero y fragmentos de cerámica decorados en fresco mediante incisiones con lo que parece ser una pluma de ave...

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