martes, 5 de julio de 2016

Denmark. Rock art in the Bornholm is older than previously thought

2/3. Stone decorated with recesses - carvings were made 5 thousand years ago. Photo by Bartłomiej Kurda
Rock art on the island of Bornholm is older than previously thought - indicate discoveries made during the June excavations of Warsaw archaeologists in the sun temple in Vasagard. 

22.06.2016. The enthusiasm of archaeologists was triggered by the discovery of a small stone with a series of carved flat recesses.

"This completely changes the existing theories about the rock engravings on the island of Bornholm" - told PAP Anna Bucholc, research project participant from the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Warsaw (IA UW). Until now it was thought that such manifestations of art appeared a thousand years later. Meanwhile, the unusually decorated object comes from the Neolithic period, i.e. approx. 5 thousand years ago.

Bornholm is the only place with such accumulation of rock engravings, which are attributed to the Bronze Age and dated to more than 3-4 one thousand years ago - archaeologists believe. Recent excavations of Polish archaeologists moved the history further back. Now researchers are trying to properly document the important discoveries. On their basis, head of 3D Scanners Lab at IA UW Marta Bura develops the methodology that will contribute to recording similar findings. [...] Science & Scholarship in Poland / Link 2 

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