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Database of Scotland's ancient rock art to be created

Rock with cup and ring markings in the Highlands. John Wombell

A digital database of Scotland's Neolithic and early Bronze Age rock art is to be created.

About 6,000 rocks are known in Britain to have ancient cup and ring carvings. More than 2,000 of the sites are found in Scotland.

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) has been awarded £807,000 by the Arts and Humanities Research Council towards the five-year project.

The database would include 2D and 3D models of some of the decorated stone.

The project will be launched next year and involve the University of Edinburgh and Glasgow School of Art. BBC News

Link 2: Scotland's rock art in context; Dr Barnett leads the first major research project focusing on British rock art | The University of Edinburgh
... The carvings, which are thought to date from the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age (c.4000-2000 BC), form part of a broader European rock art tradition. The purpose of the carvings and their significance to prehistoric and more recent communities is poorly understood...

Actualización: Prehistoric messages: Mystery of Argyll’s ancient rock carvings - Edinburgh Evening News
THOUSANDS of years ago our Neolithic ancestors left behind a series of mysterious rock carvings, the origins of which could soon be revealed thanks to 3D scanning technology. 

A short walk towards Kilmartin Glen just north of Lochgilphead, Argyll, will take you to the most extensive example of prehistoric rock carvings to be found anywhere in Great Britain...

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Actualización: Prehistoric messages: Mystery of Argyll’s ancient rock carvings