jueves, 14 de julio de 2016

The last Neanderthal - BBC

Vídeo añadido a PaleoVídeos > L.R.2.10 nº 44.

A special video series telling the real story of how our extinct relative lived and died

Pierangelo Pirak. For decades, we've thought of our Neanderthal cousins as brutish, primitive beings. Second-class humans driven extinct by their own fallibility and stupidity.

But as we are fast learning, the truth about who they were and how they died is far more intriguing.

In a special series, BBC Earth has recreated the last days of the last Neanderthal.

To find out more about the discoveries revolutionising our understanding of Neanderthals, watch the films above and below:

What killed the Neanderthals?
Did we really drive our human relatives extinct?

How Neanderthal are you?
What do you owe to our ancient cousins?

How human were Neanderthals?
They were as special as our ancestors

Did Neanderthals create art?
A stunning engraving suggests they did

Via BBC - Earth

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