sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

Catalonia's most modern Neanderthal has no secrets!

Vídeo YouTube (bvisio el 06/02/2012) añadido a Paleo Vídeos > Prehistoria de España y Portugal > L.R.1.4

The Garraf coast has some extraordinary spots hidden away and that's no secret! The area was already well regarded over 52,000 years ago by its then inhabitants, the Neanderthals. But, just how did members of that species live? What did they eat? Joan Daura and Montserrat Sanz, researchers from the University of Barcelona's Prehistoric Studies and Research Seminar (SERP) have been uncovering all this. They have already managed to sequence the mitochondrial DNA taken from the famous Sitges Neanderthal jaw discovered in a cave 7 years ago.

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